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6 Pricing Mistakes – how to avoid them

By: Ines Hegedus-Garcia on August 20, 2012

We can’t talk enough about how to price your Miami Beach home correctly from the start. If you look at home sales in the past year, you will notice a trend. Those homes that were priced competitively from the beginning, not only sold quicker, but also for top dollar. You can avoid your home from becoming a stale listing and this article in HGTV’s FrontDoor by Shannon Petrie tells you exactly how to do that.

  • MISTAKE #1 – forgoing research
  • MISTAKE #2 – Hiring the agent who offers the highest list price for your home
  • MISTAKE #3 – Getting emotionally involved
  • MISTAKE #4 – Pricing too high from the start
  • MISTAKE #5 – Overpricing because you have “time”
  • MISTAKE #6 – Chasing the market

Of course there are many other factors that will contribute to selling your home quickly including: staging, decluttering, marketing and making sure the showing conditions of the home are ideal – but we have discovered, together with the rest of the county, that pricing is the number one reason. It’s easy to point fingers after months of having your home for sale, but blaming others won’t get your house sold. Step back and be objective and hire the right Miami Beach Realtor.

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*originally published March 22, 2010*

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