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Surfside Real Estate Market Report for March 2015

By: Ines Hegedus-Garcia on April 10, 2015

Surfside Real Estate Market Report

Surfside real estate market 2012

There are currently  22  Surfside homes for sale (4 less than last month):

  • Highest priced listing: $6,600,000 (waterfront contemporary estate at 1236 Biscaya Dr -  reduced from $6.9 million) – see photo below
  • Lowest priced listing: $550,000 (8745 Abbott Av- increased from $507,000)
  • Pending Sales: 7 (2 more than last month)
  • Closed sales in March: 2 (3 less than previous month)

The 2 Surfside homes sold in March were the following:

  • 9032 Dickens Av – 4 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms with 1,783 sq.ft. of living space – originally listed for $846,000 in October of 2014, reduced to $819,000 in January, then to $799,000 in February and closing at $725,000 ($407/sq.ft.)
  • 9057 Carlyle Av – 3 bedrooms / 1 bathroom with 1,613 sq.ft. of living space – listed for $548,000 in January and selling for $515,000 ($319/sq.ft.)

The average selling price per square foot for Surfside homes in March was $363, but keep in mind there were only 2 sales.  This compares to averages in:

  • February $316
  • January $321
  • 2014 - $324

Inventory continues to decrease in Surfside and demand continues to increase, which is extremely favorable for home owners.  While there is question in the Miami condo market of how long the positive market will last, Surfside is nowhere near any negative news.

And for my favorite listing in Surfside right now, take a look at the water front home at 1236 Biscaya Dr.  With 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 1 half-bath and 6,723 sq.f.t of living space.  This contemporary home was built in 2009 and sits on a 15,000 sq.ft. lot with 75 feet of water frontage facing private island of Indian Creek. It was just reduced by over $1 million from $7.9 to $6.6 million.

surfside contemporary home for sale

Remember that we have some off market opportunities  in Surfside and surrounding neighborhoods – contact us for more information.

Go to to sign up for a monthly trends report.  This is an automated system, different to this market report we prepare on a monthly basis but can send both of you without obligation and always keeping your information confidential.

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What is the right type of roof for a Mediterranean House?

By: Ines Hegedus-Garcia on April 8, 2015

restored barrel tile by Artezanos

I often get asked what the right type of roof is for a Mediterranean Revival home and it actually makes me happy to know that people who buy historic homes are interested in the correct way to restore these treasures.

The answer is a bit more complex than just saying “The correct type of roof for a Mediterranean House is barrel tile”.  First, there are many types of barrel tiles and not all barrel tiles will be historically appropriate for a Mediterranean revival home.  Historic Spanish-meds in South Florida, from the 20′s and even earlier, were built with Historic Cuban Barrel Tile.  It’s one of the elements of a historic home that has a historic of its own.

Historic Cuban Barrel Tile

It is one of the key elements found in Mediterranean Revival Architecture.  Key, because it is one of the most visible elements and Historic Cuban Barrel Tile by Miamism.combecause without it, a historic house can seem stripped from its roots.  It is a handmade or hand processed barrel natural clay tile, either made in Cuba prior to the imposition of the U.S. Embargo, or manufactured in 18th Century Spain, salvaged from buildings in Cuba and imported to the United States during the 1920s and 30s. (hence the name ‘Historic Cuban Tile’).

If you have a home with Historic Cuban Barrel Tile and it’s time to replace your roof, it is KEY to hire a roofer that will know how to salvage the tile in order to reuse it for the new installation.  (Not all the tile will be salvageable, but a roofer that specializes in historic homes will save a good portion of it and will be able to reuse the tile in the caps of the new installation, where it will be visible).

A new installation will include a mix of hand-made tiles (or tile that is made to look like it is hand-made), together with the salvaged historic tile.  If your home’s roof was already replaced with another type of roof, you will also have the option to buy salvaged tile.


Replacing a Historic Cuban Barrel Tile Roof


cuban_tile.jpgPlease note that if Historic Cuban Tile was not found on the property, there are many ways of building a historically appropriate roof.  Historic Cuban Tile can be purchased, or when that is not financially possible, there are manufacturers of hand-made barrel tile that can be used to achieve the original look of the roof.   There are also  roofers that specialize in historic roofs, not only in salvaging original historic barrel tile, but doing installations that are historically appropriate like reapplying the tile correctly, and using double caps and/or pans on the edge of the roof line. (photo above is by ArteZano’s Sustainable Green Roofs – please check out their website since they are “Miamism endorsed”)


When in doubt, we recommend that you reference the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and contact your local historic preservation organizations.  These 2 tools can be a wealth of information and prove to be valuable resources.

The overall look of a roof with Historic Cuban Tile is that of an ‘aged’ or ‘informal’ nature.  These tiles, because of their porous clay material will accumulate mold and pressure cleaning is not recommended.  There have been issues with many South Florida historic municipalities, including Miami Shores, asking for historic roofs to be pressure cleaned.  My recommendation is to fight your battle and try to educate building officials.  I am in the process of contacting the National Trust for Historic Preservation to see if there is anything they can do to help.


Miamism Best Boat Charter – Carbon Charters

By: Ines Hegedus-Garcia on April 7, 2015

Miami Carbon Charters

Miami Boat Charters

To experience Miami via boat is to REALLY experience Miami.  There’s a reason why we are surrounded by beautiful bodies of water and why our Miami Lifestyle is defined not only by our ocean, but how we take full advantage of it.  Our most luxurious Miami real estate is waterfront, plain and simple, and the toys we use to enjoy the water are endless.

But what if you don’t have a boat, or don’t have the desire to maintain and/or captain a marine vessel?  Chartering is the perfect option, especially with Carbon Charters because their boats are top quality, they come with captain and you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Miami Boat Charters by Carbon

Carbon Charter Boat – OTAM 60′

Their OTAM 60′ is my favorite. It is sleek and modern but most importantly, it’s FAST! So you are literally in a Yacht that looks like a fast boat and navigates like one.  It has all the comforts and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I went inside – we’re talking 2 cabins and 2 bathrooms (heads in boat language), lounge space and dining area – so beautiful!

Carbon Boat Charters - OTAM

The beauty of Carbon Charters are their options. From a last-minute 4 hour charter inside the bay to 1 day or more to the Keys or Bahamas. Their pricing starts at $1600 for 4 hours, which includes Captain, Sodas and fuel at idle speed to $3000 for 8 hours.  But talk to Captain Alain and I’m sure he can give you a deal.

Carbon Charter Boat – NOR-TECH 42′

Carbon Charters Miami

Rick’s favorite happens to be their Nor-Tech 42. Leave it to  “Aquaman” to like a center console, open fisherman.  It’s the perfect diving boat, easy to take to the sandbar or to cruise inside the Miami River for a quick bite to eat, or go on a scuba adventure for hours.  Pricing for the Nor-Tech start at $1000 for 4 hours (same specs as above).

Carbon Boat Charters – Options

Here are their charter options, but please contact Carbon Boat Charters directly to get more information. We’ll include their information on the bottom of this article.

Miami Boat Charters - Carbon

We promise to take photos next time we charter Carbon…Now that boating season is here, I can’t wait!  Tell them Miamism sent you!

Carbon Boat Charters – Contact Information

For more information, download CARBON CHARTER BROCHURE.

Take a look at the Carbon Facebook Page – or contact owner, Alain, for more information:

Alain Zenatti
305 609 9839




Miami Shores Real Estate Market Report for March 2015

By: Ines Hegedus-Garcia on April 5, 2015

Miami Shores Homes – Real Estate Market Report

Miami Shores Real Estate Market Reports by

There are currently 62 Miami Shores homes for sale (10 less than last month):

  • Highest priced listing is $5,995,000 $5,495,000 (1600 NE 103 St:  6 bedrooms / 5 bathrooms / 2 half baths, 6,733 sq.ft. of living space on 20,534 sq.ft. lot – directly on Biscayne Bay)
  • Lowest priced listing is $250,000 – short sale at 10804 NW 2 Av (with approximate $80,000 worth of repairs including roof, structural, complete remodeling – as per MLS description)
  • Pending Sales (Properties under contract): 41 (2 less than last month)
  • Closed sales in March: 18 (compared to 9 in February)

The 18 Miami Shores homes in March ranged from $165,000 for a short sale that had been pending since September of 2014 located at 10326 NW 1 Ave – to $2,275,000 for the canal front home at 1450 NE 103 St which was listed in December of 2014 for $2.599 million on a 30,000 sq.ft. lot just one house in from the bay.

There were 2 other Miami Shores water front homes sold in March.  One was 1460 NE 101 St with 3,611 sq.ft. and 120′ of open bay frontage (12,352 sq.ft. lot) – listed for $2.2 million in January and selling for $2.22 million.  The other one was 1131 NE 104 St, located inside the Biscayne Boulevard bridge (one fixed bridge to bay), with 2,580 sq.ft. of living space and 9,750 sq.ft. lot – listed for $825,000 in December of 2014 and selling for $750,000.

The average price per square foot in Miami Shores in the month of March was $247, compared to February’s average of $227, and January’s average of $225.  The average in 2014 was $236, if you want to see 2014′s stats, please click HERE.

We are reaching that time on the market where sellers get over zealous and grossly over price their homes.  But not to worry, these homes either don’t sell, or get a major price adjustment.  There is a shortage of inventory, but it doesn’t mean buyer are not doing their homework.

We also have a few cash buyers waiting for the right house to come on the market.  If you would consider selling, please contact us, we will keep your information confidential.

To sign up to our Home Trend Reports, go to and fill in your information.

If you have any doubts on the automated value, please contact us and we will make adjustments and corrections according to upgrades and location of your particular home.

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If you are interested in getting a list of all properties currently for sale in Miami Shores, we will be happy to send you a digital copy at your request.  We can also send you monthly market reports directly to your inbox. Feel free to email us at



Happy Easter and Happy Passover from miamism

By: Ines Hegedus-Garcia on April 4, 2015

happy easter and happy passover from

I know it’s unusual to mix these two holidays together from 2 very different religions, but we really wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Passover and Happy Easter, no matter which you celebrate.

And for background, you may not know that although non-practicing, my mother is Catholic and my father is Jewish.  I have grown up learning about both religions and have felt a spiritual connection to both.  I know that we are not supposed to discuss religion as REALTORS because it is supposedly bad for business, but let me leave you with an old article from the Examiner that may or may not bring light to the commonalities of these 2 holidays.

Easter and Passover: What do they have in common?

Whichever holiday you celebrate – Our Miamism Family wishes you and yours a happy and healthy celebration!