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Surfside Real Estate Market Report for September 2014

By: Ines Hegedus-Garcia on October 6, 2014

Surfside Real Estate Market Report

Surfside real estate market 2012

There are currently  21  Surfside homes for sale: (same as last month)

  • Highest priced listing: $4,450,000 (waterfront estate at 1292 Biscaya Dr)
  • Lowest priced listing: $465,000 for a 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom home at 8811 Emerson Av.
  • Pending Sales: 9 (2 less than last month)
  • Closed sales in September: 6 (1 more than last month)

The 6 Surfside homes sold in September were the following:

  • 9344 Bay Dr – waterfront Mediterranean style residence listed for $2,350,000 and selling for $2,250,000 ($491/sq.ft.)
  • 9364 Bay Dr – waterfront foreclosure listed for $1,512,500 and selling for $1,700,000 ($367/sq.ft.)
  • 9041 Froude Av – originally listed in April of 2014 for $659,000, reduced to $649,000 in July and selling at $616,000 ($331/sq.ft.)
  • 8975 Abbott Av – listed for $510,000 and selling for $470,000 ($315/sq.ft.)
  • 8866 Abbott Av – bank owned foreclosure listed for $465,900 and selling for $465,900 ($241/sq.ft.)
  • 9532 Abbott Av – listed in August for $440,000 and selling for $460,000 ($313/sq.ft.)

The average selling price per square foot for Surfside homes in September was $300 which is considerably lower than August’s average of $328 but in tune with the   $287/sq.ft average this year and 2013′s average of $270.

Surfside remains to be in high demand with conservative appreciation of home values.  There are driving condo projects on the ocean side that are clearly affecting condo values in a positive way – projects like The Surf Club by Richard Meier and Fendi Chateau Residences are clear examples.

We are Surfside REALTORS, ready to list and market your property! Call us for a listing appointment.

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LeBron James is selling his Miami Home

By: Ines Hegedus-Garcia on October 3, 2014

lebron james miami home for sale via

We totally expected this, just didn’t know when it would happen and for how much.  Ex-Miami Heat, LeBron James, is officially selling his Miami home for $17 Million.  His last words to Miami, before leaving to go back to his home town were:

Miami, for me, has been almost like college for other kids. These past four years helped raise me into who I am. I became a better player and a better man. I learned from a franchise that had been where I wanted to go. I will always think of Miami as my second home. Without the experiences I had there, I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing today.

So here’s the dirty details on the home (and they are not at all dirty):

  • It is located in the 33133 zip code just north of Coconut Grove – address provided only to serious interested parties for privacy reasons.
  • Crystal View subdivision
  • Built in 2010
  • 12,178 sq.ft. of living space
  • 19,941 sq.ft. lot
  • 6 bedrooms / 8 bathrooms / 1 half-bath
  • open bay location with 85′ of water frontage
  • chef’s kitchen
  • wine cellar
  • custom theater
  • generator
  • guest quarters
  • rooftop sun deck
  • summer kitchen
  • infinity pool
  • private dock
  • state-of-the-art security system

The listing description reads:

Overlooking the open bay, the King’s palace is the most opulent estate in Miami. The contemporary compound features chef’s kitchen,
sommelier’s wine cellar, office, custom theater, generator, guest home & private master rooftop sun deck. Glass doors open to covered
terraces throughout. Luxurious outdoor living; summer kitchen, 4500 sf entertainment space, infinity edge pool & concrete dock for two 60′
yachts. Walled, gated private estate with state-of-the-art security system, security quarters & more.

LeBron bought the house in 2010 for $9 Million and we do understand the market has appreciated a bit and we also understand that the home now has “celebrity standing”, but that’s an $8 Million profit in 4 years!  Good Luck Mr. and Mrs. James, your neighbors will miss you but will love you more when you sell for that much!

Contact us for a showing appointment – pre-qualified buyers only, you know the drill.

Here are some photos courtesy of

lebron james miami home

LeBron James Miami home interiors


Miami Shores Real Estate Market Report for September 2014

By: Ines Hegedus-Garcia on October 1, 2014

Miami Shores Homes – Real Estate Market Report

Miami Shores Real Estate Market Reports by

There are currently 79 Miami Shores homes for sale: (6 more than last month)

  • Highest priced listing is $5,995,000 (1600 NE 103 St:  6 bedrooms / 5 bathrooms / 2 half baths, 6,733 sq.ft. of living space on 20,534 sq.ft. lot – directly on Biscayne Bay)

1600 NE 103 St - Miami Shores Waterfront Homes

  • Lowest priced listing is $109,900 (301 NW 104 St – West Miami Shores) – foreclosure
  • Pending Sales (Properties under contract): 39 (2 less than last month)
  • Closed sales in September: 15 (7 less than last month)

The 15 Miami Shores homes sold in September ranged from $215,000 for a bank owned foreclosure at 272 NW 111 Terrace, to $3,100,000 for the bay front home located at 9999 NE 13th Ave, which sold for $789/sq.ft. That was the only waterfront sale in Miami Shores in September and Miami Shores bay-front homes continue to show a price increase because of the lack of inventory.  The average price per square foot in September for Miami Shores homes was $235 compared to August’s average of $214.  The highest sale for a non-waterfront home in Miami Shores is September was $354 for the meticulously renovated mid-century modern at 790 NE 97 St.

The average sales price  in the first 1/2 of 2014 in Miami Shores was $223 which is slightly higher than 2013′s average of $215.

We can see a slight increase in inventory and we have gotten quite a bit of calls for sellers ready to list their homes at astronomically high prices.  Remember that buyers are educated and unless you are selling a product that is amazing and one-of-a-kind, gross overpricing is not a good idea.

Call us for a listing appointment.

It is a seller’s market, which means any agent can sell your home, but not every agent can get you the most money for your property.  We specialize in marketing your property to maximize exposure and gains.  This seller’s market will not last forever and we estimate about 18 more months before the real estate market stabilizes and possibly drops a bit.




If you are interested in getting a list of all properties currently for sale in Miami Shores, we will be happy to send you a digital copy at your request.  We can also send you monthly market reports directly to your inbox. Feel free to email us at

For information on an off-market property in Miami Shores, please contact us directly – bay front lot for sale for $2.5 million with approved site plan by the City of Miami Shores.  It is not in the MLS


Do you love your Miami Realtor?

By: Ines Hegedus-Garcia on September 30, 2014

Real Estate is about relationships and emotions. It may be a little hard to swallow since there are plenty of people who buy and sell real estate as often as they change underwear. But the truth is that those people are not the norm and most real estate transactions are intricate because of the emotions involved.

As real estate professionals we just don’t sell Miami Beach homes by volume and hope to make our ˜quota at the end of the year, we assess your needs as our clients in order to help you identify properties to buy or sell.


It is our job to ask the right questions and spend some time with you to help you make key decisions. It is important for you to feel comfortable with us and to trust us. I think you would agree that strong relationships are based on trust. The more you are willing to share with us about your lifestyle and your expectations, the better equipped we will be to help you.

We are currently working with some awesome Miami condo buyer clients from Massachusetts and after communicating back and forth by e-mail and meeting them for the first time, this is what they had to say,

Thank you, Ines, for your time, advice, and patience. It was truly a pleasure to meet you, hang with you, and explore possibilities with you…You did a great job of matching us with a potential property. That’s a real talent. Thank you

Relationships can be tricky, you only need to look at the divorce rate in the US to get a clue. So picking a Miami Realtor can be just as difficult. Most people will need “chemistry” to occur, and not all personalities will be a good match. I can confess that we have worked with clients where there was an awkwardness about the experience that wasn’t comfortable. I can also confess to telling clients that I could not help them and it would be better if they found another Realtor.

Rick and I will not work with people who don’t trust us or don’t appreciate what we do and that’s what makes our business so successful. We have a sense of humor and we like to have a little fun. We also know when to put our serious hats on and work for your best interest. We will be brutally honest and will go out of our way to help you, as our client.

So the next time you are surfing the web looking for Miami properties and curious about a Miami Beach Realtor, research their competence level, their exposure on the web, their Web2.0 knowledge, and their experience, and don’t forget to dig a little further to know if you will get along with them and will have a perfect “match”.

*originally published April 30th, 2008*


Why you need to invest in Miami real estate right now

By: Ines Hegedus-Garcia on September 24, 2014

Buy Miami Now -

Miami real estate is here to stay.  It’s not a passing movement, it’s not a bubble, it’s not a fad.  Of course it will have its ups and downs like any real estate market in the history of the industry, but there are exciting changes that make our city, Miami, the place to invest in NOW.  We, as Miami REALTORS, embrace those changes, feel privileged to be witness to this amazing growth, and are here to help you, our clients, understand the reasons to buy and invest in Miami now.

Miami is being called “The New Manhattan”, the “next big tech hub”, the “yachting capital of the world”, just to name a few.  Here are crucial points why Miami is growing in popularity, and why it’s more than just a winter escape, but be warned, there will be a lot of links to support what we’re saying.  Be ready to click away, read and then come back to us ready to buy.  We will help you determine where to buy according to your needs.

Miami as a Financial Hub

According to The Business Insider, Miami is already the 2nd most popular financial hub in the country after NYC  and refers to Miami as a financial gateway to the Americas.

Jennifer Odence from The Hedge IT Blog says that Miami is,

Currently home to over 60 international banks and 100 alternative investment companies, Miami and its busy Brickell Avenue has emerged as “Wall Street South,” and according to Forbes is luring many financial firms away from more traditional hubs such as New York and Greenwich, CT.

Miami as a Tech Hub

According to Fortune, Miami is making a different name for itself as a booming hub for technological innovation.  From large-scale technology conferences, Microsoft’s first U.S.-based “Innovation Center” in Miami, to start-up incubators opening up shop in Miami and organizations like the Knight Foundation who are investing in the build-out of the city’s entrepreneurial community.

And what about the idea of Miami being a tech hub of the Americas?  The Huffington Post tells us that,

The region in and around Miami has long pinned its financial fortunes on real estate and banking, but a combination of factors — the recent recession that shook those economic drivers coupled with an increase in cloud computing, the rapid growth of mobile devices in Latin America, and the area’s vast health care industry — now have civic leaders and local entrepreneurs making a push to diversify into the tech industry.

And lastly, we’ve told you about Richard Florida, founder of the Creative Class Group and his views of why Miami is more than just a vacation destination.  But Florida also tells us how start-ups are surging back in the urban cores of big cities including urban Miami.  Richard Florida states,

Read more here:

The past decade or so has seen the region become a fantastic destination for arts and culture. The whole area is beginning to attract a new generation of talented people in their 30s and 40s, who are far less tethered to their jobs. Digital technology enables them to work from anywhere and they are choosing Miami.  These people don’t just work in tech per se, they work in and are creating a wide range of businesses, many in the health and lifestyle sectors. Miami is really beginning to achieve in the lifestyle space.

Miami has lower taxes

Enough said, California and New York drive traffic and big businesses to Miami because of lower taxes, and Miami Today gives us examples.

Miami Shopping, Gastronomy and Culture

Art Basel embraces the artworld with the biggest international art event and has helped Miami’s transformation into a cultural hub .

And what about Miami as the Yachting Capital of the world?  In addition to The Miami International Boat Show, The Huffington Post reasons,

Factor in 3,000 hours of sun annually, and it’s obvious why this South Florida town would be the ultimate Stateside haven for a boat-up luxury lifestyle

And shopping is not just your regular shopping.  In addition to Bal Harbour Shops (the most lucrative shopping mall in the world), we have Miami’s Design District – a destination for luxury shopping and dining, headed by Craig Robbins, as well as Swire’s Brickell City Centre.

And talking about dining, we can’t forget the celebrity chef scene in Miami - from Michael Schwartz to Top Chef’s Jeff McInnis.

And when it comes to museums, we don’t just have the new PAMM, the list will impress you.

Miami as Top City in Wealth

Ocean Drive Magazine tells us why the world’s billionaires re staying put, but most importantly, Miami makes it into Knight Frank’s TOP CITY IN WEALTH report, and staying up there in their prognosticated next ten years.

Miami was also identified by Forbes as best places for business and careers.

Miami’s Infrastructure

A lot of money is being dumped into Miami’s infrastructure, from The Port of Miami in order to accommodate megaships from The Panama Canal, to The Port of Miami Tunnel just finished under Biscayne Bay.  We’re also seeing major work in Miami’s expressways by The Department of Transportation.

We can’t forget All Aboard Florida, the high-speed train that will connect Miami to Orlando; Or Miami Central Station which will serve as Miami-Dade County’s first all-inclusive ground transportation hub.

An important city is nothing without a great airport and Miami International Airport is undergoing a $6.4 Billion improvement project.

The City of Miami has also adopted a new zoning code guided by New Urbanism and Smart Growth known as Miami 21.  Miami 21 is a form-based code whose goals are to create neighborhoods by the interaction of buildings and streets, it promotes a sense of place and encourages walkability and has high emphasis on making everything compatible through orientation and design.

Starchitects in Miami

This is one of the most exciting for me because in addition to seeing Arquitectonica all over the place, we started seeing well-known architects like Herzog & De Meuron in the 1111 Lincoln Road parking garage, then Frank Gehry in The New World Symphony, and the much-anticipated 1000 Museum by Zaha Hadid.

But star power doesn’t stop there, huge architecture names like Carlos Ott, Enrique Norten, Norman Foster, Rem Koolhas, Richard Meier….the list goes on and on and the projects are magnificent! All making our Miami even better than it is today.

Miami as Top Beach City

And I left this one to the end because it’s sort of a “DUH” statement and it’s the main reason Miami has the popularity it has – perfect weather all year round and makes National Geographic’s Top Beach Cities List.

The Miamism Sales Team is ready to help you analyze your options in The Miami Real Estate Market and become your go-to REALTORS for everything Miami.  Nothing more exciting than being involved in the beginning growth stages of a great Global City.

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