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Green Home in Miami Shores For Sale

By: Ines Hegedus-Garcia on September 16, 2016

We are happy to announce that a one-of-a-kind property is now for sale in Miami Shores.  Of course all sellers think their house is special, but take my word for it, this one REALLY is!  As Miami Architecture Realtors we are presented with many homes on a daily basis and it’s our job to be objective and let you know when a home is unique and noteworthy.

1195 NE 100 St – Miami Shores

Offered at $1.3 Million

Here we have an energy efficient, modern home with careful attention to detail – not just careful attention, but luxurious details everywhere you look. Let’s start with a 3D walk-through model that will let you scrutinize every nook and cranny.

The marketing description reads as follows:

Luxury redefined in this state-of-the-art green home that is not just artist owned and designed, but a piece of art in itself.  Top of the line finishes will speak for themselves from smart lighting and security system, to award winning, sculptural range hood, ItalKraft kitchen, geothermal air conditioning system, limited edition artisan Italian flooring tile, automated shades and awnings and so much more!  This one of a kind, modern home will impress the most discerning buyers.  It’s located on private street East of Biscayne Boulevard on an oversized 11,513 SF lot.  Turn-key has never been this good.

Property size is 18,000, which includes a 6,000+ easement, making the 11,513 SF size of the lot feel a lot bigger.

From the moment you walk in you know that this is not your regular Miami Shores home.  Of course you notice the gorgeous art work and the modern classics in every room, but what’s obvious is that this home was remodeled with no expense spared.

Home Features and Design

3 bedrooms / 2.5 bathrooms
Approximately 2708 SF of living space
11,513 SF lot
Built in 1953 and remodeled in 2015-16


Let’s start with the front door.  An amazing, oversized solid wood door from Honduras, coated with marine paint.  Once you walk in the house, you notice the floor-to-ceiling barn doors with leather finish for every room.

Then, there’s the cooling system:  linear diffusers instead of your regular square air conditioning grills, Nest thermostat and fire alarms, geothermal cooling system that uses well water for cooling, and to top it off, the return water can be used to heat up the pool.  The electric bill for this 2700 SF home is under $200/month during the hot summer months.


The kitchen is out of this world:  The range hood is made by an Italian company called Best and it’s a sculptural piece that has won awards for design excellence and most innovative products.  It’s custom Italian design by ItalKraft with matte glass doors that are fingerprint free.  The appliances are restaurant edition from GE profile.  Bosch dishwasher that disappears within the european cabitets and seamless solid surface counters with Kohler Karbon Articulating wall-mount kitchen faucet.

Lighting and electrical have been completely redone with LED lighting and Legrand USB outlets and Wi-Fi ready lighting switches.  The home also has a state-of-the-art security system with exterior cameras, Ring Smart Video Doorbell, all controlled from your smart phone/device.

The flooring is one of my favorite features.  They are limited edition, artisan porcelain tiles custom designed by Italian designers – called Refin Ceramiche.  Limited edition tiles are also used in the fireplace mantel as well as exterior pool decking.  They give you a concrete feel but with a much warmer flavor and remain neutral for any type of decor.


The master bedroom was built with connecting bathroom/walk-in closet to 2nd bedroom of the house.  It can easily serve as a nursery, sitting room or office.  Although it has an open feel, owners were thoughtful about a private water closet (aka “toilet” in layman’s terms).  The double sinks are black Gres basins by Gessi over a solid teak wood counter top with Porsche black matte paint.  It also has an oversized shower with rain shower.  The master suite opens into its own patio that leads to the pool and has a automated, retractable awning.


From the open dining room, aluminum, oversized, impact-resistant sliding doors open up to the amazing pool area with Italian tile decking, salt-water system and huge retractable awning to keep you cool during the scorching sun.  The back has a horizontal,  powder coated aluminum exterior fence for privacy.  It also has a rear entrance through the alley or service street.

I could go on and on with more features, but this is one you have to see in person.  Of course it also has custom closet systems, automated shades, working fireplace, automated sprinkler system, termite warranty… but that’s expected with a house of this caliber.  Make sure you click on the 3D model above, it will feel like you are inside the home.

The home was featured in Curbed Miami as Artsy and Green Home in Miami Shores.

As always, please contact us for more information or to schedule a showing appointment.


Basics to sell Miami Real Estate

By: Ines Hegedus-Garcia on September 14, 2016

Dear Miami Beach home Seller:

Do you realize that today’s real estate buyer is smart? is educated? and will research your property to death before they even place an offer?

Most of you are even aware that almost 90% of buyers start their search on the Internet, so what do you have to do to sell your home?

If you are planning to sell, you have to be just as smart as those buyers and you need to do a little homework.  Your research should start with Google.

google your Miami Realtor

Google the area you live in to see which agents have a strong Internet presence.  Those agents that have a strong presence will know how to market your property on-line and will know how to expose your listing to millions of buyers.

Example:  You want to sell you Miami Shores Home – you should Google “Miami Shores Real Estate”, “Miami Shores”, “Miami Shores Homes” and any other combination thereof.  Take a look at the first 2 (maybe even 3) pages of Google Searches and find out what each one of those Realtors is doing to market their listings.

It’s not about your Realtor having a website anymore, it’s about your Realtor knowing where to place your listing, exposing your property in not only local web-portals, but all over the world.

If you are not finding your favorite agent in Google, or the properties they are selling, it may be time to re-examine your “selling strategy”.

Please remember that although this is a very important part of the equation, once you find that “Googable Realtor” (no that’s not a real word), you should also follow home preparation and pricing recommendations.

**originally published June 25th, 2008**


Surfside Real Estate Market Report – August 2016

By: Ines Hegedus-Garcia on September 10, 2016

Surfside Real Estate Market Report

Surfside Real Estate Market Reports by Miamism.comThere are currently  34 Surfside homes for sale: (compared to 38 in July)

  • Highest priced listing: $5,000,000 (for the partially renovated, Biscaya Island home with 100′ of water frontage, located at 1332 Biscaya Dr)
  • Lowest priced listing: $669,000 $629,000 (8934 Harding Ave)
  • Pending Sales: 5 (compared to 4 in July)
  • Closed sales in August: 2 (compared to 6 in July)
  • Median Sales Price in August: $829,500

The 2 Surfside homes sold in August were the following:

  • 8830 Byron Ave – 4 bedrooms / 2.5 bathrooms with 2,769 SF of living space on 8,400 SF lot – listed for $929,000 in June, increased to $949,000 3 days after listing and selling for $929,000 ($336/SF)
  • 9357 Abbott Ave – 3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms with 1,521 SF of living space on 5,600 SF lot – listed for $749,000 in May and sold for $730,000 ($480/SF)

The average selling price per square foot for Surfside homes not in the water in August was $408 compared to:

  • July average $362
  • June average $356
  • May average $373
  • April average $396
  • March average $372
  • February average $338
  • January average $390
  • 2015’s average of $350.

Who would have thought that a small neighborhood like Surfside, where the average size lot is only 5,600 SF and the average size house is 1,500 SF, would flourish so beautifully?  Real estate is about location and Surfside’s proximity to the beach is a huge factor for its success.  But it’s also about good planning and I’m talking urban planning – 12 story condo buildings on the ocean as the highest density, then 4-story residential west of Collins Avenue, followed by single-family homes all the way to the bay.  Texbook planning that works, that makes community, that encourages pedestrian traffic … it’s our South Florida pride.

So the inventory continues to decrease, the demand continues to increase and this is one strong market that is here to stay.  Look at the lowest priced home offered right now – it’s above $600,000!  If you are a seller, you need to understand Surfside’s intricate buyers and have a strategy that will get you the most money.  Contact us any time if you want to hear how we work.  Our forte is listings and architecture!

To get a FREE, no obligation CMA (comparable market analysis) go to and fill in your information.

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If you are interested in getting a list of all properties currently for sale in Surfside, we will be happy to send you a digital copy at your request.  We can also send you monthly market reports directly to your inbox. Feel free to email us at


Miami Smart Homes – just a craze?

By: Ines Hegedus-Garcia on September 6, 2016

miami smart homes

If you think your house is smart because you have a Roomba or a universal TV control, do I have news for you!  Making your house smart has become so easy that it makes no sense to have a dumb house anymore.  In addition to that, having a smart home is not just for luxury real estate. I’m talking about simple items that will not only simplify your life, but will make you feel safe and efficient!

Of course people like my mom will say…”I’ve lived 76 years without technology and don’t need it”, but the truth is that technology is our friend and will ultimately save you money and will give you peace of mind.

But what’s important to know, when it comes to Miami Real Estate, a smart home will many times be the deciding factor for a buyer!


What exactly is a smart home? It’s the term used to define a residence that has lighting, cooling/heating system, TV’s, appliances, computers, security and camera systems that can be controlled remotely.  Of course you can have smart homes with intricate systems, but making your home smart doesn’t have to be difficult.  You can buy smart home hubs, or can just start with a few simple products like I did.

Smart Home Thermostat

As techie as I may be, my first smart product was a NEST thermostat.  When my a/c guy told me that it would make my cooling system more efficient, I was sold, and the connection took me 2 minutes.  (I think it was more annoying to have to paint the wall, than to actually change and program the thermostat).

NEST - smart thermostatIn addition to being able to access it from my phone, the thermostat detects when you are there and knows when to turn temperature up or down.  I have a client that saved $150/month just by changing the thermostat.  I can’t promise that will happen to you, but can promise that buyers notice the thermostat when looking for new homes.

There are other types of smart thermostats, just do your research and read reviews.  When all else fails, ask your air conditioning maintenance company what they recommend.

Smart Video Cameras

Once I connected my NEST Thermostat, I got an email from NEST about their indoor/outdoor cams and I just HAD to try one.  I have to say it’s not just cool to be able to see what’s going at your house while you are away, but it also gives you great peace of mind.  (I love checking up on the cats when we’re not home and can even talk to them through the camera).

smart cams via miamismAgain, there are other cameras that are not NEST that are fabulous, NEST just makes an easy and pretty product that is not at all cumbersome. You just plug in and connect to wi-fi (without having to install wires).

There are also some great camera products designed for specific things, from talking to your pets to complement your security system.

Smart Security Systems

I remember when my alarm company started marketing remote location controls, it blew my mind! Now, these systems are standard.  You can turn on and off, program alerts on your phone when it detects movement, and even sign up for recording and monitoring in case of a break-in.

NEST also has smoke and carbon monoxide detectors!   [And before you think it, I don’t have stock in NEST, although maybe I should.] Take a look at the crazy specs behind these detectors.

Smart Lighting

Lighting is just as easy,  from smart bulbs that just need to be programmed onto your phone, to changing wall outlets/switches, or even just a smart plug that simply plugs into an existing outlet.

smart lighting via miamism

Remember those cumbersome timers we would install on particular lamps throughout the house to make people think you were home?  Well…now you can actually turn on and off without being home or can program them at certain times.

Smart Doorbells

smart doorbells via miamismI love smart doorbells, you can answer your door like if you were inside the house and don’t even have to be home!  From letting the UPS man know where to drop a package, to scaring nosy kids from the neighborhood.  There are a few doorbell products right now and the great thing is that they continue to improve their technology.

Smart Locks

August Smart LockOpening your front door has never been so easy.  Some systems detect when you are close and unlock automatically, others are just a touch of a button.  Although combination locks are still popular, smart locks are taking over because they are not as bulky.

Home Automation Systems

And obviously, once you get into it, you may want to get a complete home automation system where you create a network with all of your smart products into a system that is easy to access.  From laundry to kitchen appliances, landscape sprinklers, lighting, HVAC, you name it!  HELLO JETSONS!! (flying cars next)

TIPS:  change factory passwords on systems as soon as you install, make sure you have strong wi-fi throughout your home or have boosters

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Miami Shores Real Estate Market Report – August 2016

By: Ines Hegedus-Garcia on September 1, 2016

How is the Miami Shores Real Estate Market Doing?

Miami Shores Real Estate Market Report

There are currently 105 Miami Shores homes for sale: (compared to 104 in July)

  • Highest priced listing is $3,850,000 for the totally remodeled, bay front home at 1460 NE 101 St
  • Lowest priced listing is $210,000 for the 837 SF home at 190 NW 103 St
  • Pending Sales (Properties under contract): 29 (compared to 33 in July)
  • Median Sales Price in August: $422,500 (compared to $479,000 in July)
  • Closed sales in August: 12 (compared to 11 in July)

The 12 Miami Shores homes sold in August were the following:

  • 19 NW 109 St – foreclosure in need of repairs with 2 bedrooms / 1 bathroom with 1,662 SF of living space and 9,150 SF lot – listed for $265,000 in May and closing for $253,189 ($162/SF) <<STEAL!! even for a fixer upper on the NW side of Miami Shores
  • 54 NW 104 St –  3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms with 1,416 SF of living space on 9,150 SF lot – listed for $399,000 in August of 2014, then agein for same price in March of 2016, dropped in price a couple of times and finally selling for $352,088 ($249/SF)
  • 45 NW 93 St – 2 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms with 1,287 SF of living space on 9,600 SF lot – listed for $419,000 in March, reduced to $399,000 in May, and selling for $367,000 ($285/SF)
  • 241 NW 92 St – 3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms with 1,730 SF of living space on 9,225 SF lot – listed in January for $430,000, reduced to $405,000 in May, and sold for $376,000 ($217/SF)
  • 17 NW 107 St – 2 bedrooms / 1 bathroom with 1,333 SF of living space on 9,225 SF lot – listed in April for $429,000, had several price reductions, and sold for $407,500 ($306/SF)
  • 9313 NW 2nd Ct – 3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms with 1,329 SF of living space on 7,500 SF lot – listed for $439,000 in June and sold for $410,000 ($309/SF)
  • 10626 NE 11 Ct – 3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms with 2,048 SF of living space on 9,750 SF lot – originally listed for $579,000 in October of 2015, had several price reductions and sold for $435,000 ($212/SF)
  • 443 NE 94 St – 2 bedrooms / 2.5 bathrooms with 1,772 SF of living space on 12,900 SF lot – listed for $467,000 in June and selling for $492,000 ($278/SF)
  • 125 NE 106 St – 3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms with 1,715 SF of living space on 9,225 SF lot – originally listed for $575,000 on July of 2015, with a few price reductions and closing at $557,500 ($325/SF)
  • 166 NE 93 St – 3 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms with 2,100 SF of living space on 12,160 SF lot – listed for $699,000 in March and selling for $605,000 ($288/SF)
  • 251 NE 98 ST – 4 bedrooms / 5 bathrooms with 4,884 SF of living space on 11,500 SF lot – originally listed for $779,000 in May of 2015, with several price reductions and selling for $630,000 ($129/SF) <<GIFT to the lucky home buyers!!
  • 1177 NE 100 St – 5 bedrooms / 4.5 bathrooms with 3,226 SF of living space on 17,550 SF lot – listed for $1,500,000 in April and selling for record price of $1,450,000 by yours truly!!  **Miamism Sales Team listing – sold for highest price per square foot on dry lot in Miami Shores this year!!! ($450/SF)

The average sold price per square foot in Miami Shores in July was $268 compared to:

  • July average $287
  • June average $255
  • May average $275
  • April average $281
  • March average $308
  • February average $319
  • January average $249
  • 2015’s average $264

There’s a relatively low inventory of homes for sale in Miami Shores right now and the demand, although it remains high, is shifting to a pickier buyer.  We are seeing buyers taking longer to make decisions which shows there is no urgency or fear of losing out on a great property.  We are also seeing low ball offers from buyers testing the market.

Please be careful, if you are a buyer and decide to strategically throw a low ball offer for a home, you may lose out because sellers do get offended.  As much as it is just business, we are dealing with homes and an emotional process that should not be played with because it is sensitive.  Do your homework! Be objective!  Use all of the inventory, not just 2 or 3 homes, and pay attention to condition and location to compare.

Those properties that are in move-in condition or have something special to offer are still selling for top dollar. Take our listing at 1177 NE 100 ST, as an example – sold for record price in Miami Shores.  The location was great, it had an oversized lot, very uncommon 5 bedrooms and was in great condition.

To sign up for our Miami Shores Real-Time Market Profile, send us an email at and the report will provide information like THIS.

If you are curious about where your house is priced, you can always log into and request an automated value, just keep in mind that price will ALWAYS need to be verified and tweaked, because a machine will never be able to estimate the true value of a home.

Miami Shores House of The Month

The Miamism Sales Team recommends the house at 701 Grand Concourse as house of the month.  So why do we think this house is special?  For one, the prestigious Grand Concourse address and location.  Secondly, it’s huge! We’re talking 4,758 SF of living space, which is rare in Miami Shores.  The home has 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and 2-car garage.  And lastly, it’s priced right! It is listed for $293/SF – that’s under $300/SF for a house in great condition in a great location! It’s a win-win and we know it will sell fast.

Call us for a showing appointment – 701 Grand Concourse

Priced at $1,395,000

701 Grand Concourse - Miami Shores

Please contact us for more information and to coordinate a showing appointment.