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Architecturally Relevant Miami Real Estate

People constantly ask me what type of Miami Real Estate or Miami Beach Real Estate I specialize in – is it price range? Is it an area? Is it residential real estate or commercial real estate?  Well…..the answer is any real estate in Miami Beach or Miami’s Biscayne Corridor that is architecturally significant. A puzzled look [...]


Miami Detached – poem inspired by Vincent Scully

Miami is the shadows formed on a young girl’s face one Summer afternoon. It’s the wrinkles on the hands of an old black man. It’s looking through a magnifying glass at darkness. At its shore I can discern a “Miami Detached” as the cruise ships try to merge themselves once again with reality. Reality means [...]


Please don’t use the wrong window

We are reviving an old article about historic windows since we have received so many questions about windows this week. I wrote this back in October 2007 – remember to look in the category section of the blog under “historic homes” or “architecture” for informative articles that may help you with restoration of historic homes [...]


One Thousand Museum Condos

Let me start by saying that having a Zaha Hadid residential tower in Miami is a BIG deal.  You may not even know that Zaha is one of the most prominent women architects in the world, and may not care that One Thousand Museum will be Zaha’s first residential tower in the US.  But at [...]


First Impressions in Real Estate

What does your front door say about you? We have all heard that the front door is one of the most important elements in a house and it is true.  The front door not only echoes the architectural style of the home, but sets the tone for the rest of the home. When you are [...]