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Miamism Fridays – Wynwood Art Walk

If you have not heard about the spectacular street art phenomenon happening right now in Wynwood, then I suggest you start Googling!  An otherwise ugly, nondescript and boring area of Miami has transformed itself into the coolest, hippest and most creative environment you can imagine.  To top it off, every second Saturday of the month, […]


Celebrating Robert Indiana in South Florida

Robert Indiana, world renown pop artist, is turning 85 and South Florida is celebrating him in style!  With the Voices of HOPE exhibition, curated by Howard Rosenbaum and Daniella Sforza at the Rosenbaum Contemporary Gallery in Boca, opening on September 11th, a day our nation can use renewed hope. Robert Indiana – Star of HOPE […]


Miami Detached – poem inspired by Vincent Scully

Miami is the shadows formed on a young girl’s face one Summer afternoon. It’s the wrinkles on the hands of an old black man. It’s looking through a magnifying glass at darkness. At its shore I can discern a “Miami Detached” as the cruise ships try to merge themselves once again with reality. Reality means […]


New World Symphony Creative Concerts

I think we have established that we, here at, are huge fans of The New World Symphony.  It all started with the documentation of the “gehryfication” of their new complex, later named The New World Center.  But from that process, and from that original tour we were given of the Frank Gehry building, we […]


Miamism Fridays – Art Basel 2012

Art Basel takes over Miami in every which way imaginable, but we have to thank VernissageTV for giving us a taste of the experience. more than just….another Miamism !! ** Share your MIAMISMS and we will feature them!! send them to us via email (, Facebook, Twitter (@ines), or post them on Flickr in the […]