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Stiltsville – a Miami Landmark

It’s funny how things go full circles. I wrote this article back in May of 2007 and are getting a bunch of questions and information requests about Stilstville, so we thought it would be appropriate to share again.  In addition, Suzette Laboy from The South Florida Times,  wrote an article about it with Dr. Paul [...]


Miamism Fridays – Good bye Lebron James

You should have already heard that LeBron James is leaving The Miami Heat, but before you judge and let your feelings get in the way of his decision, I urge you to read his essay to Sports Illustrated, it shows heart, camaraderie and most of all, class. LeBron: I’m coming back to Cleveland Best of [...]


A-Rod sells his Miami Beach Condo

A-Rod has been the center of many Miami real estate conversations in the past few months.  First he sold his Miami Beach home for $30 Million, and now the WSJ tells us that he sold his Miami Beach Condo at Mei for $2.575 Million after purchasing it for $2.1 Million about a year ago. The [...]


Miami is the 3rd SELFIEST city in the world

For years people have been taking self-portraits to document themselves for a number of different reasons.  But social media has made this self-documentation so easy with hand-held devices and phones and the SELFIE is here to stay.  Selfies are casual and fun and whether or not you consider them vain or self-indulging, the craze is [...]


Throwback Thursday – Miamism featured in Swedish TV #TBT

Throwback Thursday makes us reminisce about good times from 5 years ago when gracious host Isabelle ,from a popular Swedish Travel TV show, came to Miami and got the Miamism special treatment.  Miami by boat is a completely different experience, and the perspective of those amazing Miami Beach homes and waterfront mansions starts getting clear [...]