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Homestead Exemption Deadline is March First!

We remind our clients every year to apply for Homestead Exemption before the March 1st deadline. But March 1 is not just about Homestead Exemption, it’s the deadline to file applications for all property tax exemptions. Please visit The Property Appraiser’s Website at and learn how to apply online or visit one of the […]


Miami Marine Stadium Restoration Efforts are BACK!

Restoration efforts for the Miami Marine Stadium are still in full force!  Back in 2013, we gave you a little history behind the Marine Stadium and explained the restoration efforts.  Since then, a lot has transpired and there are a lot of questions by a lot of people. Miami Marine Stadium Timeline Here’s a very […]


Miami is The Happiest City to Work in Right Now

According to, Miami is the happiest city to work in right now.  That’s right, Miami came in at #1! Is it our climate? our night life? maybe our beaches! To determine the happiest and unhappiest places to work, fulfillment-focused career site CareerBliss took a look at eight key factors that can influence an employee’s contentment, […]


St Rose of Lima Carnival 2016 – Miami Shores

We have earned the right to become the official Miami Shores of Lima Carnival REALTORS for the mere fact that we’ve been answering telephone calls all weekend about the carnival. Please note: THIS IS A REAL ESTATE BLOG If you are looking for real estate in and around The Saint Rose of Lima Carnival, you […]


Buying New or Old Miami Real Estate – Part I (homes)

Old Miami Homes vs New Miami Homes The question of buying old or buying new in Miami Real Estate always comes up.  Some people have a misconception that because the South Florida Building code (SFBC) was updated in 2005, you should buy real estate built after that to make sure it’s built right. The South […]