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Miami Home Inspections – Evidence of Termites

Does Evidence of Termites mean you have termites? When you buy a house in Miami and elsewhere, you should always do home inspections during the contractual “inspection period”.  Part of that home inspection should include a termite inspection.  We actually wrote an article about not being alarmed about termites back in 2010: First let me […]


How Miami home owners can prevent burglaries [infographic]

Today we present you with a guest post by a national Locksmith company, Mr. Rekey.  Although we have no affiliation with this company whatsoever, we know it’s important to discuss the realities of living in a large, global city like Miami.  Living in an important metropolitan hub comes with responsibility and common sense and we […]


The Reason Behind Miami’s Momentum

I have been documenting Miami’s momentum for some time and letting you know that it is no longer a thing of the future.  Miami’s global power, its significance and impact are here to stay.  And of course I am a big fan of Miami, if you have not noticed my passion for this amazing city, […]


Alfred Browning Parker Exhibition coming to Miami

Great News for Alfred Browning Parker fans! We were contacted by HistoryMiami Museum that there is an upcoming exhibition, The Discipline of Nature:  Architect Alfred Browning Parker, which will examine the 60-year career of the famed Miami architect whose organic tropicalist designs made him a regional leader and national figure. HistoryMiami Museum is offering a […]


Miami Smart Homes – just a craze?

If you think your house is smart because you have a Roomba or a universal TV control, do I have news for you!  Making your house smart has become so easy that it makes no sense to have a dumb house anymore.  In addition to that, having a smart home is not just for luxury […]