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The Terrifying Truth about Mold

So the Miami Beach home you just bought has mold – is it the end of the world? The mold issue here in South Florida has almost become a “trendy” topic – to such extremes that building inspectors have all kinds of special gadgets now to reinforce the fact that all homes have mold.  We [...]


Bringing Light to The Bimini Bay Resort!”

I decided to bring this post back to life before the new year, especially after all the Genting Group stuff going on in Miami – The Miami Herald building allowed to be demolished and seing the uncertainties of what’s to become of that land and the “gargantuan” nature of the project at hand. As reported [...]


Miami is the 3rd SELFIEST city in the world

For years people have been taking self-portraits to document themselves for a number of different reasons.  But social media has made this self-documentation so easy with hand-held devices and phones and the SELFIE is here to stay.  Selfies are casual and fun and whether or not you consider them vain or self-indulging, the craze is [...]


9 Things to ask your Miami Beach Realtor

When choosing a Miami Beach Realtor, you do research, you ask around and you look at real estate sales and movement in your area – but do you know what to ask a Miami Realtor once they are in front of you? Here are some basic questions you should ask to help you make an [...]


Daylight Savings Time Reminder – 2014

  Time to SPRING FORWARD again!!!  So don’t forget to turn you clocks forward one hour before going to bed. DST starts on Sunday March 9th, 2014, 02:00 AM local standard time What is Daylight savings time? Daylight saving time (DST)  is the practice of advancing clocks during the lighter months so that evenings have [...]