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A Client’s Reaction to Forbes

Bringing back an oldie from 2011, enjoy! To be fair, not just a client, but a very special client who I now call a friend, sent me this email (re-posted in its entirety, with no changes or edits and with his permission and blessing), after he read this article: in The News and Forbes […]


Pristine Miami Shores Home For Sale

9959 Biscayne Blvd – Miami Shores, FL 33138 I need to tell you about this amazing opportunity in Miami Shores, to buy sophistication and elegance for an amazing price.  This Miami Shores home, when purchased by current owners, was gutted and stripped to the core and re-built almost from scratch.  We are talking new everything!! […]


Miamism Fridays – Good Bye Dwyane Wade

It’s with a heavy heart that we say good bye to Dwyane Wade, who is leaving the Miami Heat.  I think we can all agree that Dwyane has always been the face of #HEATNATION, has been the heart and soul of our beloved Heat and we will miss him dearly.  I can’t even believe I […]


4th of July events – Miami 2016

As always, The Miamism Sales Team wishes you and your family, a happy and safe Fourth of July Weekend.  Let’s celebrate this nation’s independence … the reason why so many of us have chosen it as our true home. Here’s a list of different things happening around Miami: How to get, set off, and watch […]


Historic Cuban Barrel Tile

A lot of you will be reading this thinking its a bit boring (at least Rick thinks so), but I wanted to address this because a lot of our Miami Beach Real Estate customers are constantly asking us about certain elements  of historic homes – so here it is …proceed with CAUTION. Historic Cuban Barrel […]