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Are you ready for a hurricane?

We recently published The 2015 Guide for Hurricane Readiness, but in addition to that, Hector Llevat from The Miami-Dade Police Department, was kind enough to share the following to the nextdoor community. Good morning Miami-Dade Neighbors, As we continue monitor Tropical Storm Erika, we want to take this opportunity to remind you of some important […]


Help! I owe thousands of dollars to IRS because of sellers failure to pay taxes

As a buyer of real estate in the United States, did you know you could be liable to the IRS due to failure of foreign national seller to pay taxes? That was not a typo, if you buy a property from a foreign national, the buyer is technically responsible for withholding tax of 10% of […]


Home Tips from Miamism – clean windows

GLASS GLASS GLASS!!  How we love glass in Miami!! From floor to ceiling doors, to panoramic windows, clear atriums and even skylights.  But what good are these if you can’t see out of them? Most of us love to a spick-and-spam home, one that is spotless and smells great.  In real estate, it is especially […]


Back to School Sales Tax Holiday 2015

As you are getting ready for the kids to get back to school, you may have noticed “tax free” signs in some locations.  This year, we are getting a 10 day holiday and it ends this Sunday, August 16th at 11:59 PM. The Miami Herald explains: For 2015, the Florida Legislature has granted parents more […]


W Fort Lauderdale – The Residences

I never write about investment opportunities outside of Miami but I make exceptions when the projects are worthwhile and this is one I really believe in for several reasons.  First, the project is already built and you can actually visit, tour it, and is ready for immediate occupancy.  Second, the prices will astound you, and […]