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The Miami Real Estate Show: Orlando Montiel interviews Ines from

I am honored to share with you my recent interview by Orlando Montiel, from The Montiel Organization and responsible for the popular and prestigious, Miami Real Estate Show. Orlando has achieved an amazing reputation locally with the Miami real estate industry because of his willingness to help other professionals grow and his passion for empowering […]


W Fort Lauderdale – CRAZY Investment Opportunity

W Fort Lauderdale We always have investor clients asking us where they should invest right now and what are the best opportunities to get into.  Let me preface this by telling you that so many times, clients get mad at us for not having “forced” them into buying something we recommended and realizing they should […]


Miami Home Inspections – Evidence of Termites

Does Evidence of Termites mean you have termites? When you buy a house in Miami and elsewhere, you should always do home inspections during the contractual “inspection period”.  Part of that home inspection should include a termite inspection.  We actually wrote an article about not being alarmed about termites back in 2010: First let me […]


How Miami home owners can prevent burglaries [infographic]

Today we present you with a guest post by a national Locksmith company, Mr. Rekey.  Although we have no affiliation with this company whatsoever, we know it’s important to discuss the realities of living in a large, global city like Miami.  Living in an important metropolitan hub comes with responsibility and common sense and we […]


The Reason Behind Miami’s Momentum

I have been documenting Miami’s momentum for some time and letting you know that it is no longer a thing of the future.  Miami’s global power, its significance and impact are here to stay.  And of course I am a big fan of Miami, if you have not noticed my passion for this amazing city, […]