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Buying Miami with Financing? Here’s what you’ll need

This past week was the annual Miami Association of REALTORS’ International Congress and the stats were fascinating.  Although 1/3 of every real estate buyer in Miami is International, and 55.8% of all real estate resales in Miami are CASH, there are still a number of you that finance your Miami deals and want to know […]


Daylight Savings Time Reminder – Fall Back 2014

It’s FALL BACK time!! Remember to adjust your clocks back one hour before you go to sleep. Hope you had a fun and safe Halloween and now to enjoy the end of this amazing high real estate season.  Remember the Miamism Sales Team is always here to serve. DST starts on Sunday November 2, 2014 […]


Miami Green Houses from the past

To say that mid-century architects were more practical is an understatement.  Yes we’ve seen a sudden “Green Movement” taking over, and NO, I don’t think this is bad, quite the contrary, its something everyone should be aware of.  But looking at Miami’s architecture, I have to admit that I have a soft spot for those […]


Lime Paints – another important element for historic homes

We are Miami REALTORS specializing in historic homes and architecturally significant real estate.  We provide these informational articles in order to pass on our expertise and gain your trust so you hire The Miamism Sales Team on your next home sale or purchase.  Historic Homes is our niche! Call us today for a listing appointment. […]


Do you love your Miami Realtor?

Real Estate is about relationships and emotions. It may be a little hard to swallow since there are plenty of people who buy and sell real estate as often as they change underwear. But the truth is that those people are not the norm and most real estate transactions are intricate because of the emotions […]