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Buying Real Estate in Miami without a Realtor

In the past few months we have noticed while doing open houses for our listings that there are a lot of unrepresented real estate buyers out there.  By unrepresented I mean buyers that don’t want to work with one Realtor, buyers that think there is an advantage in working directly with the listing agent of […]


Real Estate Expectations

Setting high expectations is very similar to setting high standards.  I can speak about my upbringing when I tell you that I have been taught to always do my best and this is obvious in everything I do and all the projects I take on. The question then arises about what kind of expectations do […]


A Client’s Reaction to Forbes

Bringing back an oldie from 2011, enjoy! To be fair, not just a client, but a very special client who I now call a friend, sent me this email (re-posted in its entirety, with no changes or edits and with his permission and blessing), after he read this article: in The News and Forbes […]


Help! My House has Termites!

Another old article from 2010 – we had just created our Facebook Business Page and invited you to it. Gotta love it! Yesterday I posted this photograph on our photo-blog as well as Twitter and Facebook and received all kinds of horrific responses as if Termites were the end of the world.  You would be […]


Is your Realtor a Bully?

Warning! bringing back some old articles this week – enjoy! Did you hire a REALTOR BULLY? Do you know if the Miami Realtor you hired is a bully?  Have you even thought that this could be possible?  Maybe you are aware of it and think it could be advantageous “if they are bullies, it could […]