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Help! My House has Termites!

Another old article from 2010 – we had just created our Facebook Business Page and invited you to it. Gotta love it! Yesterday I posted this photograph on our photo-blog as well as Twitter and Facebook and received all kinds of horrific responses as if Termites were the end of the world.  You would be […]


Is your Realtor a Bully?

Warning! bringing back some old articles this week – enjoy! Did you hire a REALTOR BULLY? Do you know if the Miami Realtor you hired is a bully?  Have you even thought that this could be possible?  Maybe you are aware of it and think it could be advantageous “if they are bullies, it could […]


Why blog? Why Miamism?

Pick-up time at the kids’ school is where you find out everything that is going on in the community.  Those few minutes at the parking lot, before the children rush out of school is where you hear who is starting  new business, who is moving, what’s happening in the new school, what new ordinance is […]


Help! I owe thousands of dollars to IRS because of sellers failure to pay taxes

As a buyer of real estate in the United States, did you know you could be liable to the IRS due to failure of foreign national seller to pay taxes? That was not a typo, if you buy a property from a foreign national, the buyer is technically responsible for withholding tax of 10% of […]


7 things to consider when buying a Miami Waterfront Home

If you are buying a Miami Beach waterfront home, you are likely to have a boat or will be considering a boat in the near future. We are constantly asked a number of questions regarding waterfront purchases and Rick and I decided to write a list of 7 important factors to consider when buying a […]