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There are Miami Beach homes and then there are Miami Beach Modern Homes!  Yes we like Mediterranean homes or Spanish revival homes, but the HOT ones are definitely Miami Mod Homes.  Every once in a while I'll share an interesting modern home for sale in Miami Beach and give you my architectural take on it.  Architecturally relevant real estate is my forte after all.

Miami Beach Mod Home at 1121 N Venetian Drive

listed for $3,899,999  reduced to $3,499,999

This home reminds me of Miami Vice meets Charlie's Angels.  It was built in 1949 and has great mid-century modern details with some over the top changes through the years which makes it soooo Miami.  It's located on Biscayne Island (the western-most of the Venetian Islands), with awesome bay views.  The selling description is right on (except for the usual exaggerations, like "best properties in Miami":

Located on Biscayne Island, one of the 6 historical Venetian Islands of Miami Beach, this beautiful 5 BR, 4 Baths estate boast one of the finest wide bay views in all of Miami with 105 ft of waterfront, this 14,000 sq ft pie-shaped lot is one of the best properties in Miami.  The feeling inside this unique home is bright and airy with soaring ceilings and high glass windows extending to the ceiling and panoramic wide bay views from every room.  Furnished by Eclectic Elements

"Unique" feeling inside is an understatement, but this is one of those Miami Jewels that needs to get in the right hands to be able to shine.

Things I would change are the shiny marble floors from the 80's....some polished concrete or limestone would look hot although buffing out the marble to a flat finish could do the trick.  The eclectic column treatments are a bit much for me, slick thinner white columns would solve the problem (or maybe we would be lucky to find the typical 50's narrow steel columns!).  the stair glass detail is horrid IMHO (<that's "in my humble opinion" for the txt challenged), but we're in Miami, which means anything goes!

Positives:  take a look at that ceiling height! and at the double height windows!  The framing of the views is fantastic and the levels to separate spaces is just what the doctor ordered.

The kitchen is OK, at least the cabinets and hardware are modern but the black granite....UGH! Nothing a gorgeous glass counter-top can't fix though.  Notice the old tv cabinet in the top they still make those?

The Master bedroom is da' bomb! great size, gorgeous dark wood floors and those humongous high-hats from the 90's (I would change those to the tiny halogen ones).  The bathroom.....well......there's no disguising that one - total redo!!  Unless of course you are into the whole Home Depot effect (no offence to Home Depot).

The exterior is almost flawless and think about it, it's all about the views, right?  This house has that and more.  Maybe I'm not into the kidney shaped pool or the decking choice, but the balcony railings are a perfect choice and the fact that you have a covered porch area makes the space livable and perfect for Miami.

So if you have $4 Million in your pocket and think that you'll find the "perfect" Miami Beach home for you that will need no work, think again.  You will always have to make some changes and in the case of this house, the biggest change will be the bathrooms, everything else is smaller aesthetic details that won't bring you over budget.




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