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Miami Real Estate Continues During The Coronavirus Crisis

Ines Hegedus-Garcia

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and finding a new normal within the current crisis we are in. It's during difficult times that we have to reflect on what's most important in our lives.  Covid-19 has identified vulnerabilities in our daily world that we would have never dreamed of and at the same time challenged us to think ahead.

There are so many recommendations out there to keep our sanity but I've compressed them into 5 essential components.

Daily MUSTS during Quarantine

1. Mental well-being:  meditate / pray / take a few minutes to yourself daily

2. Exercise: find what works for you and get your body moving, whether it means walking back and forth on your balcony or finding an exercise routine on YouTube.

3. Learn - take advantage of the additional time to "Sharpen the Axe" and take educational courses, learn about things you've put aside because of lack of time

4. Sleep - get proper rest

5. Be Social - I know this one is weird with current circumstances but call a friend, take the time to speak to a loved one or someone you have not spoken to in a while.

Virtual Real Estate Services

This is not new in our lives at all.  This blog is almost 15 years old which means we have been communicating with clients on-line for at least that long. The beauty of being an early adopter is that we are proficient with digital media and always have creative ways to serve our real estate clients.

  • Virtual tools are a must right now for our safety so we continue doing virtual tours, virtual staging and even virtual open houses and neighborhood tours.
  • We are doing property showings via live broadcasts and using FB & Instagram Live.
  • Digital Marketing continues full force with digital ads, our blog and all the on-line marketing we have perfected in the past 15 years.
  • Our current broker even provides virtual transaction management tools with e-signatures, on-line escrow management and away closings.

This only means that we will continue giving you the top-notch service you are accustomed to with utmost safety in mind.

Please be SAFE and contact us for any real estate needs in the South Florida market.

NOTE:  face mask made by JosieBruno459 - please consider donating a mask for a first responder

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