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Miamism Friday Birthday

I'm supposed to be vain and not disclose that it is my birthday, but I have to tell you that I absolutely love birthdays. I love giving and receiving gifts and I love the energy associated with people wishing each other happINESs. Here's one great gift I just received from Claudio Lovo who has been featured here in Miamism Fridays before - it puts a great big smile on my face.

Carlos Lovo Birthday Card for Ines

The birthday wishes keep coming before it's even my birthday - I am so overwhelmed - THANK YOU!!

Here are some of the wishes from Twitter

Happy Birthday Ines from Twitter
and some of the wishes from Facebook

Happy Birthday Ines from Facebook
And not to mention the videos and Plaxo cards, emails and even snail mail cards!  I love SOCIAL MEDIA!

Ines Hegedus-Garcia 14th August, 2009

Thank you Mariana and Rick - totally overwhelmed with bday wishes - totally awesome! :)

Rumah Dijual 14th August, 2009

Happy birthday. Wishing a success business. I love your blog.

Irene Hammond 14th August, 2009

Have a wonderful day! you deserve to enjoy! Make it a great one!

swampthing 14th August, 2009

a moist and swampy happy bloggin'b'day..

Ines 20th August, 2009

Happy Belated B-Day!!!
Should I tell you that I love Birthdays too?
I can't believe it!

Ines Hegedus-Garcia 20th August, 2009

Ines - how does that not surprise me?? LOL (now if your bday was also August 14th...then we would have a REAL problem)

Rick 14th August, 2009



Mariana 14th August, 2009

Happy Birthday, my friend!

jf.sellsius.theclozing 14th August, 2009

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