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Miamism Fridays - Bikini Time!

Ines Hegedus-Garcia

Miami Bikini by Vickimarie
While the rest of the country is still freezing, Miami is sizzling hot and making everyone jealous.  I have to thank Victoria Marie for boasting and expressing my thoughts with such a great photo on Instagram.  We were in the high 80's all week.

….another Miamism !!

You can try to follow Victoria (if she lets you) on Instagram @vickimarieee or on Twitter @vickimarieee

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ines 22nd March, 2013

@vickimarieee gets featured on Miamism! #miamism

ines 22nd March, 2013

Miamism Fridays - Bikini Time!

TheRECoach 22nd March, 2013

RT @ines Miamism Fridays - Bikini Time! <~ my God I LOVE Miami ;)

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