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Ricky Martin's House for Sale in Miami

I don't know why this happens, but I love to hear when a celebrity moves in or moves out of Miami.  Although this doesn't mean he is leaving us, LUXIST has revealed that

"Ricky Martin has listed his Miami mansion, shown above, for $16.9 million".

These are the pictures that appear on the Multiple Listing Service (courtesy of the MLS).

The house is located in Miami Beach on North Bay Road, has 7 bedrooms, 8 bathroom and 2 half baths.  Has 9,491 square feet of living space, sits on a 19,320 square foot lot and has 105 feet of direct bay, water frontage.





K 23rd June, 2009

Did you think to check the date of the article you quoted?!!!! It was written in July 2007!!!! This house is NOT on the market. Quit spreading false rumors!

Ines Hegedus-Garcia 23rd June, 2009

K - this article was also written in July of 2007 - no false rumors here

jim fornaro 14th September, 2010

The house has sat empty for over 2 years. Why not sell it! He has 3 other homes plus condos. Those he needs for his work in different cities. How people have so much freee time speculate and criticize this wonderful man really baffles me. Peope, he could live on the money he donates to abused children, and I am talking millions over the years! My brother and I were 2 of those kids, but my brother did survive, he committed suicide! Maybe if there had been a person like Ricky Martin when I was a kid, my brother would be alive today. Please, no negative comments about him and his lifestyle etc. etc. I thank God everyday for this wonderful man and all the great things he does for the disadvantaged!!! Judge this man on his actions. I do any God Bless him!!!! Jim Fornaro, Odessa Texas

Ines Hegedus-Garcia 14th September, 2010

Jim, I totally agree with you - and writing about his house on the market is by no means a critique, on the contrary. This is an old article, but this past July, I wrote about his Golden Beach home being on the market

Somehow the Wallstreet Journal and other major publications claim that Ricky Martin cannot "flip" his home and can't sell it. Why even go there? I'm sure if he really wanted to, he would.

It's tough being a celebrity and the man does have a good heart (and personally love his music in Spanish and English) :)

Sorry to hear about your brother.

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