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Surfside Real Estate Market Report - May 2017

Ines Hegedus-Garcia

There are currently 51 Surfside homes for sale: (compared to 57 in April)

  • Highest priced listing:  $5,000,000 (1332 Biscaya Dr - see below)
  • Lowest priced listing: $565,000 (9156 Harding Ave - see below)
  • Pending Sales: 4(compared to 5 in April)
  • Closed Sales in May: 6 (compared to 1 in April)
  • Median Sales Price in May: $720,000

The 6 Surfside homes sold in May were the following:

  • 9164 Abbott Ave - 2 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms, 1,450 SF on 5,600 SF lot - Originally listed for $879,900 in October 2015, with several price reductions and selling for $525,000 ($362/SF)
  • 801 89th St - 3 bedrooms / 2.5 bathrooms, 2,513 SF on 6,860 SF lot - Listed for $700,000 in March and selling for $685,000 ($308/SF)
  • 624 95th St - 3 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms, 2,146 SF on 6,160 SF lot - Listed for $735,000 in July of 2016 and selling for $720,000 ($400/SF)
  • 9133 Byron Av - 3 bedrooms / 2.5 bathrooms, 1,742 SF on 5,600 SF lot - Listed for $739,000 in February and selling for $730,000 ($430/SF)
  • 9008 Dickens Av - 4 bedrooms / 2.5 bathrooms, 2,438 SF on 5,600 SF lot - Listed for $795,000 in January and selling for $670,000 ($275/SF)
  • 8925 Bay Cr - waterfront 4 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms, 4,035 SF on 7,500 SF lot with 50' of water frontage - originally listed for $2,490,000 in November of 2015 with several price reductions and selling for $1,900,000 ($568/SF)

The average selling price per square foot for Surfside homes not on the water in May was $355, compared to previous months:

There was only one waterfront home sold in May - 9025 Bay Cr, which was previously featured on Miamism and sold for $568/SF

May showed the lowest price per square foot in Surfside all year giving you the impression that the market is decreasing.  Let's keep an eye out in months ahead but this is a clear indicator that market is shifting to a buyer's market.  Not yet enough data to determine a decrease in prices so please don't get your panties all in a bunch.

Because national and county-wide news sources can be slow and not accurately represent what is happening in your local market, we recommend signing up to our localized, easy to read real-time market reports that provide you with a well-rounded, up to date view of how the real estate market is behaving.  Please CLICK HERE for Surfside reports or visit for other areas.

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation to give you an idea what your home could sell for.  It's key to know the right market timing to get the right price for your home.

Surfside Home of The Month

This month, The Miamism Sales Team recommends the new, contemporary home at 708 88th Street.  This new home was built in 2016, is on the water with 6,144 SF of living space, has 6 bedrooms / 6.5 bathrooms, a 10,50 SF lot with 50' of water frontage but you need to look at the photos below.

Finishes are flawless and design is spectacular - it has been on and off the market and currently listed at $4,995,000 ($813/SF).

Please contact us for additional information or to schedule a showing appointment for this and any other Surfside home.

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