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mobikeith 21st May, 2010

These guys are doing ok. The beautiful MA Berkshires by summer, with the BSO's summer home, Tanglewood, as a backdrop. Miami's tropical paradise by winter.

As a lifelong resident of MA, I attended prep school in Lenox, right next to Tanglewood, and after college, returned to the Berkshires, and lived for several years with my girlfriend and Golden Retriever in a 200 year old colonial farmhouse, known as Golden Hill Farm, on none other than, Golden Hill Road, in Lee.

It takes less than three hours to fly from MA to MIA, but the Berkshire Hills are, otherwise, light years away from South Beach's pulsating bright lights!

The Berkshires are beautiful in the summer but I'll take South Beach and MIA during the long winter months. Although I now call So Fla my newly adopted permanent year round home.