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Spencer K. 27th May, 2010


I was doing research on lime stucco and lime paint in Miami and came up with this post.

I used to live in Miami Shores- and planning to return as a resident of Biscayne Park in due course once I finish working out of state (cant wait to get back btw!).

I certainly agree with you!! Lime is the most soothing feel of nature that can be put onto a home- Incredible material!!

My family is of Italian heritage- and I have learned to appreciate lime finishes by living in Italy for some years. Lime is everywhere in Italy.

I have seen the lime paint that you mentioned, and just wanted to comment with an opinion of what I can see and feel from Calcem's lime paint. In my view it falls short of being a soft, durable material.

Of my experience from my family's history and origin- A lime paint should be well aged (up to 3 years) in order for it to be classified an authentic, durable material.

A lime paint should be soft like cream butter-- This happens when the lime paint has been aged over 2 years, and blended with proper natural additives for the look and feel of a soft, strong and credible presence of durability.

There is a company in Miami that offers of truly authentic lime paint, as well as a natural primer that is aged up to 4 years. It is an amazing product- have recommended it to many satisfied friends and family.

The co. is called BioLime ( I would say check them out and see, feel and smell the difference yourself! They are a great group of people (5 generation Italian family tradition) with incredible service and support of their product.

I know this post is old, but anyways.. All the best!