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David 26th July, 2010

OK Ines,

please visit the Mineral Life Int'l website:, and go to Lime Paint...Gallery, where you will get a good selection of our Lime Paint projects.

Regarding the definition of organic, although I know what you are referring to, we must go to the dictionary definition. (Webster's)
As I said, this is a good word, although when used with paint it has a specific meaning.

If you use it with architecture or sculpture, it connotes "more natural-like form". With paint, it is correctly used as indicated. But don't take my word, you can google organic and inorganic paint and find out for yourself.

Since this page is about Lime Paint, this is an important distinction!!
In other contexts such as: organic food, organic sculpture, architecture, it is used to describe living materials and form.

Anyway, I do not mean to belabor the point, just wanted to make the distinction when talking about paints and Lime Paint in particular!!

We are in agreement: we love the use of Lime Paint in Miami and elsewhere!