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David 25th July, 2010


Thanks for your article on Lime Paint in Miami, although we need to correct and expand on the reality of environmental, cultural and local history in Miami, with Lime Paint.
1. First off, Lime based Paint is an inorganic material -purely mineral and does not breakdown as
quickly as organic materials which are more effected by UV solar radiation.
2. Because South Florida is a subtropical climate, in which rain can manifest without much notice, a quick curing product is more than advantageous.
3. A traditional lime based paint is designed for arid climates and for application directly over stucco surfaces without any existing coating or paint...that eliminates any repaint over other coatings...which eliminates about 98% of the work out there without the expense of sandblasting off all of the existing coatings.

4. Acrylic modified Lime Paint has the qualities of lime based paint, but can be applied over other coatings while exhibiting the qualities of its lime character with resiliency and water repelling qualities. It is a "hybrid" coating with the advantage of modification with organic polymers, but still goes through the "lime cycle" by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and forming calcium carbonate.
5. If we were building over only Lime Plaster walls, we would opt for an inorganic paint such as lime based paint or preferably Silicate Paint. However, we do not know of any lime plaster walls in Florida, except maybe me some which are left in St. Augistine.
6. Acrylic Lime Paint is really easy to apply and economical, while still reactive with mineral Patinas and wash techniques for antique and aesthetically superior architectural finishes.
7. For totally inorganic finishes, we choose Silicate Paint...the historical precursor of Lime Paint (the ancient Egyptians), which cures quickly and produces a "clean", hard paint surface which repels rain water while releasing water vapor from walls. This is the paint which is the choice of the modern inorganic paint market in Germany, Italy and the rest of Europe because of its attributes and green, low carbon footprint environmental profile.
8. The company manufacturing Lime Paint, Silicate Paint and Patina Solutions, from Miami, beginning in 1986, with historical, residential and international projects is Mineral Life Int'l. (

All right - all ready,