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Danny Arguelles 25th April, 2009


We are pleased to inform, that Artezanos Inc. was successful in winning the appeal of Miami Dade County Product Control's findings that Chapter 15 section 1521.19 of the Florida Building Code, prohibiting the use of tile systems or tile components over existing roof systems in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone.

As it stands now we have been granted "Hybrid" status by the Miami Dade County board of Rules And Appeals by Chapter 15 section 1518.9.3 providing that "Metal shingles may be applied as a recover over a single layer of asphaltic shingles or smooth surface roofing" and Chapter 1512.2.2 providing that "Innovative products and/or systems outside those currently recognized under this chapter may have a Product Control Approval based on Performance Testing".

Our system is already approved for new construction and re-roofing and now we have a "Green Light" on making sustainable upgrades to existing unsustainable asphalt shingle roofs. This victory is unprecedented in the Florida Roofing Industry and represents a wide market in the State of Florida. The savings in shingle demolition expense translates to a budget that could otherwise be used for solar integration. Our patented Universal Metal Pan System brings this all to fruition in Miami Dade County otherwise considered the most stringent of Building Codes in the world.

Pending performance testing, the New Hybrid System is now even closer than ever for affordable aesthetic solar integration for Miami Dade County Residents.