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Danny Arguelles 2nd March, 2009

Hello Ines,

How are you doing? You are probably the first person I ever "spammed" if thats what you call it.... anyways I hope you accept my apology.

Since 2006 we have been working on a new sustainable hybrid barrel tile system to increase energy efficiency and hurricane wind resistance. We have Dade County Approval since Oct 2008. The new system is half the weight and maintains the original character of the authentic traditional handmade look utilizing less units per square than a common "S" roof tile installation. Please keep in mind we are using 100% real handmade barrel tile covers.
The new hybrid system is designed for new construction and re-roofing. We are trying to get Miami Dade County Approval to get this system as an approved retro-fit over existing asphalt shingles for individuals looking to harden existing shingle roofs against hurricane force winds, create a more energy efficient home and increase curb appeal for less than what it would cost to re-roof with another boring shingle roof.
Other options include aesthetic photovoltaic integration and the support of ornamental horticulture "green roofing". So the rumors are true! We want to introduce the use of drought resistant flowering sedums and succulents in between the tile rows over a light weight fire resistant growth medium. There myriad benefits by green roofs.

Danny Arguelles 305-710-6659