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You can often see this gentleman's set-up on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach.  He is truly inspirational because he has not let his physical handicap get the best of him. another Miamism !! ........maybe not.........just pure... more

OK, we admit, this IS bragging.  Mini Lobster Season is over, but we are still enjoying those tasty bugs! ......another MIAMISM ! Do you have your own Miamism you would like to share? Send us your ideas at more

This is a MIAMI PARTY in action!  Just South of Key Biscayne on the sandbar by Stiltsville. How I wish I had sound to go along with it! ......another MIAMISM !! Do you have your own Miamism you would like to share? Send us... more

Nothing like getting a "colada" or a "cortadito" from Versailles on Calle Ocho (SW 8th Street for those that are Spanish-challenged).  Sometimes you are even lucky and see a couple of  Cuban Gentlemen with their cigars and... more

Everyone knows Miami is a great vacation spot.  You have beaches, you have entertainment, you have great hotels and shopping, and you can't forget dining!  But the question here is, Where do Miamians go on vacation? The... more

I have been a member of a local charitable organization called The Miami Shores Heidi Hewes Chapter of the Woman's Cancer Association of The University of Miami, (I know it's long, let's call it Heidi Hewes Chapter for short... more

Because of 4th of July, we thought it would be appropriate to display one of our beautiful celebration shots of the bridge to the Port of Miami, next to Bayside Marketplace. ....another MIAMISM ! more

Have you ever driven by a really ugly looking place and you see that it is packed with cars and wonder if it is any good? I mean absolutely no offense to the owners of The Football Sandwich Shop in Miami but they know that... more

Richard Meier is a very well known and respected architect internationally.  There are tons of books, publications and articles written about him and his buildings have become landmarks all over the world.  When I think of... more

When blogging we hear so much about "finding your voice".  The good ladies of the rain, TLW, Mariana Wagner, Ann Cummings, Monika McGillicuddy, and Carole Cohen, all wrote about it when we reviewed books here in Active Rain... more

Every year, our biggest newspaper, The Miami Herald, asks readers to vote on the Hottest places, things and events in South Florida and I thought I would share a couple of these. So to add to our Miami Real Estate Experience... more


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Miamism Sales Team is lead by husband and wife, and partners in real estate, Enrique and Ines pack a mean punch of expertise, professional knowledge... more

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Market Reports

How is the Belle Meade Real Estate Market Doing? There are currently 5 homes for sale in Belle Meade:  Highest priced listing $19.5 Million for the huge open bay property with 480' of water frontage and 29,452 SF of land... more

How is the Keystone Point Real Estate Market Doing? There are currently 15 homes for sale: Highest priced listing $8.9 Million - brand new construction at 2213 Keystone Blvd, with 350' of water frontage, 22,967 SF lot - 5... more

How is the Surfside Real Estate Market Doing? There are currently 17 Surfside homes for sale: Highest priced listing:  $2.8 Million for 5 bedroom / 4.5 bathroom home under construction not on the water at 9408 Byron Ave.,... more

How is the Miami Shores Real Estate Market Doing? There are currently 56 homes for sale:  Highest priced listing $6,495,000 for the bay front home at 9301 N Bayshore Dr with 4,618 SF, on 13,968 SF lot and 83' of water... more

It's time to present 2020 real estate stats for Belle Meade.  Nothing like seeing the whole year in one place and being able to forecast where the market is going.  The media is reporting single-family home sales at an all-... more

Let's just start by saying, KEYSTONE POINT is back!!  Yes ladies and gents, after we saw a price drop per square foot from 2018 to 2019, we are currently in a hot seller's market with a huge increase to $522/SF!! That's... more

2020 proved to be a challenging year in every way, but it also confirmed that the Surfside single-family home market was strong and its desirability would be strengthened after stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19.  Buyer... more

What a year 2020 was for Miami Shores Real Estate.  The Coronavirus proved to be pro single-family living and pushed a lot of people out of condos and into houses, Miami Shores being one of the hottest areas in South Florida... more

How is The Belle Meade Real Estate Market Doing? There are currently 13 single-family homes for sale: (compared to 16 in October) Highest priced listing is $3,595,000 for the 4/4.5 new, waterfront construction at 885 NE 76... more