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Upper East Side

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Miami’s Upper East Side is the area adjacent to the Biscayne Corridor from I-195 all the way to Miami Shores. It includes:

Magnolia Park
Historic Bayside
Bay Point
Belle Meade
Belle Meade Island
Davis Harbor
The Upper East Side’s real estate is very diverse – The Biscayne Corridor is flanked mostly by commercial buildings, motels and some mixed-used dwellings. It is on the Upper East Side Biscayne Corridor that you will encounter the known “MiMo” District. East of Biscayne Boulevard you will find residential areas with dry lots as well as waterfront properties. These properties will vary from historic luxury mansions to modest single-family homes. West of Biscayne Boulevard you will find a lot of multi-family housing, some single-family homes and warehouses along the rail-road tracks.

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Miamism Sales Team
+1 (305) 758-2323